The links below will redirect you to CaLL’s online intern request forms. We’ve created these forms to make it easy for employers to tell us, and the students, what responsibilities the intern will have and the skills required. We encourage employers to add their own specific responsibilities and requirements if you don’t see them on the form. This can be done by simply clicking “Other” and letting us know what they are. Please fill out separate internship request forms if you are requesting more than one intern and they will have different internship responsibilities.

Please note: you may wish to review more than one of CaLL’s intern request forms to see which one provides the closest fit to what you would like your intern to accomplish over the summer. For example, you may be in the hospitality industry, but your intern will be doing only administrative work. In that case, you may wish to choose the "Administrative and Office Work" form, rather than the "Hospitality" form.

Questions? Please contact CaLL at


Have questions about the internship process? Download our One Page Overview of the internship process and related FAQ's.