What is a Teacher Externship?

With the goal that all students be prepared for college and careers, teachers must constantly update their own knowledge and skills about current workplace practices, requirements, and tools, by gaining an “on the ground” understanding of economic and career trends that will affect their students.  

Externships provide an experience in which teachers spend time in a workplace to learn, through direct experience, about trends, skill requirements, and opportunities in industries related to their subject area of instruction.  This allows teachers to enrich and strengthen their teaching and bring relevance to student learning.

An externship experience also helps teachers connect classroom content with students’ future career interests, and helps students develop both the academic and technical skills required in the world theyare preparing to enter.

We are happy to assist you in the identification and scheduling of an experience tailored to your particular skill/classroom content area needs and interests. To request an externship, please click on the link to our Teacher Interest Form and select "Externship/Teacher Job Shadow". 

Teacher Interest Form