Do you have a need in your organization for a skilled student intern? Let LONG BEACH CaLL assist you in finding a high school intern with the perfect set of skills and knowledge to help you and your organization reach its goals.

Provided for you, below, are links to our online forms for business partners. Our business partner interest form allows you to identify/select from a broad variety of areas of involvement. Our request an intern forms allow you to provide us specific information related to your student intern needs/openings. 

Student intern request - From the listing below, please select the knowledge/skill area best suited to your organization's intern need.  You will be redirected to your selected online form.


Please click on the link provided below.  You will be redirected to our online form. Completing this short form will allow you to select form a variety of opportunities, and will also provide us some basic information allowing us to identify and customize opportunities to meet your organization's expressed interests and needs.


Long Beach employers need a better educated workforce to meet current and future demands. Right now, not enough students are graduating from high school, and those who do often lack the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college and the 21st Century workforce.

The Linked Learning approach invites employers to partner with schools to ensure that both the academic and professional learning in and outside of the classroom are preparing students to succeed in a career within their chosen pathway.

Employers can invest in the future of their workforce by providing students with high-quality work-based learning opportunities such as field trips, mentorships, job shadows, and internships.

CaLL partners with teachers to work with students to set professional behavior expectations, and teachers and administrators work directly with employers to ensure students are well-prepared.

In addition to offering opportunities directly to students, employers can also offer our teachers externships and guidance. Educators teaching in pathways in your industry sector want to sharpen their understanding of the latest trends and innovations in your field so they can incorporate them into their lessons.